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10 Resources To Boost Your Data Entry Work At Home Jobs

Besides having the necessary skills a data entry work at home agent can greatly increase their job prospects and ultimately their income by having the right equipment.

Letting companies know that you are already set up with the right equipment is a surefire way to say hire me. It lets them know that you are not just another data entry work at home searcher, who wants to sit at home and earn a substantial income. But instead, you are a professional, reliable, candidate that should be taken seriously.

Online, the more serious a client feels about you the better your prospects for continuous jobs, a raise and, in some cases, a few benefits. Heres a way to see how attractive you are as a candidate, take a look at the list below and see how many of the following you have.

1. A computer with high speed internet connection:
Dont walk, run to your nearest office supply location if you dont have your own computer. It will be difficult to land a good pay data entry work at home job without it.

2. A business line:
Having your own toll free number is a major plus. Having a business line, separate from your home or cell phone number, will make you seem more professional.

3. All-in-one:
Sure you can opt for a separate, copier, printer, scanner and fax machine but I dont know too many home offices that can afford that much space. An all-in-one is a good way to get the job done and increase the space in your home office. The fax machine for instance, is heavily relied upon among data entry work at home agents.

4. Optical Character Recognition (OCR):
The faster you can get work done, the better. An OCR is a great time saver. It is a scanner that allows you take a handwritten, type written or printed text and translate it into machine-editable text. If you wrote an article or letter by hand for a client, you could save time by feeding it into an OCR and then editing the file using a word processor.

5. A project manager/calendar system:
Organization is crucial when you are a work at home data entry clerk. An electronic calendar program lets you edit entries, track time, interchange dates, and print hard copies for your records. You can find free versions of these programs from some online search engines.

6. Business cards:
Soliciting your own work is vital to your data entry success. Besides looking online, attending chamber of commerce meetings with business cards ready can introduce you to more people and more clients.

7. A website:
While many data entry work at home agents manage with just an email address, having your own website is an additional benefit. You can send prospective clients there to view past work, your skills, ect. Its like a 24 hour bragging system.

8. Transcribing Machine:
Having a transcribing machine can increase your data entry work at home job prospects. You can transcribe for law firms, religious sermons, focus groups, medical offices, and educational seminars to list a few.

9. Form processing software:
If you are a freelance data entry work at home agent then having form processing software will also widen your job avenue. Most data entry companies provide you with this tool. However, many of them overcharge and of course you need to be wary of scams. Having your own will save you some headache.

10. Book keeping software:
Now that you work from home you are responsible for your own earnings, expenses and taxes. Book keeping software is essential.

The more tools and resources you have to help you do the job, the more data entry work at home jobs you can apply for. Legitimate companies want to work with someone who already has and is proficient with the equipment needed.
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