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Outsourcing Data Entry - Why Do Companies Prefer It?

It seems obvious that home workers will enjoy having the opportunity to do home data entry as a way to earn income. The work is relatively simply, the hours are great and the pay is reasonable. In addition, working at home means you aren’t spending as much on expenses just to get back and forth to work. However, it may surprise you to know that hiring workers from home is of benefit to the company as well. Thousands of companies world wide are outsourcing work today. It’s of benefit to the company in terms of dollars and cents as well as in job satisfaction.


Because much of the work that is contracted for home data entry is routine, the company can contract with home workers to get the job done and pay less for work that is equally high quality as that put out by on site workers. Because the company has to put money into training an employee and must pay benefits, taxes and insurance in many instances, the minimum rate worker in the United States can wind up being a very expensive proposition. In addition, when workers are on site, the company has to house them during working hours with an environment that is acceptable, thus creating more cost. Home workers bid by the job rather than by the hour. The cost of equipment and office space is part of the quote for per project work.

Reduces administrative staff

When the company hires for home data entry jobs, the business no longer must hire supervisors to watch over a multitude of employees actually doing the work. Quality control will still be necessary, but not in terms of supervising the activities of employees during working hours. The quality control is built into the contract with the service provider.

Job satisfaction

Because people doing home data entry jobs have chosen the line of work that they enjoy, they are not working just to put in enough hours to get to the next pay period. The home workers enjoy the type of work that they are doing. They are focused on the job at hand while working and are thus able to provide a better quality product that someone who is just in it for the pay. In other words, the home worker is on the job because they want to be, not because they must be.

Quality control

If the company is not satisfied with the quality of the work provided by the person doing home data entry, the work can be returned until satisfaction is achieved. With an employee, work that is returned requiring a redo will cost the company over and over in hours of wages. Yes, an employee can be terminated for unsatisfactory performance, but then the company is at risk of violation of labor laws if the termination is not handled correctly. This can cause even more cost to the company. When using home contract labor, at most, the company will have to find another worker to complete the one job that is unsatisfactory.

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